Ledian, #166 – Five Star Pokémon

It is said that in lands with clean air, where the stars fill the sky, there live Ledian in countless numbers. There is a good reason for this—the Pokémon uses the light of the stars as its energy.

Type: Bug/Flying

Category: Five Star

Ability: Swarm, which powers up Bug-type moves when the Pokemon is in trouble. Or Early Bird, which enables the Pokemon to awaken quickly from sleep.

Hidden Ability: Iron Fist, which powers up punching moves.

Weaknesses: Flying, Rock, Fire, Electric and Ice

Resistances: Fighting, Grass and Bug

Immunity: Ground

Evolutions: It evolves from Ledyba starting at level 18.

Height: 4′ 07″ Weight: 78.5 lbs


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