Serenity Forge wants Nintendo to invest in more “unique experiences like Pokemon GO”

The folks at Nintendo Life recently got a chance to ask several developers about the growing pains of curation on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Zhenghua Yang (Z) of Serenity Forge expressed how he wants Nintendo to invest in more “unique experiences” by mentioning mobile titles Pokemon GO and Fire Emblem Heroes as prime examples. Here’s what he had to say:

The biggest strength by far in how Nintendo curates the eShop content, though, is that it further defines the Nintendo vision. When picking up any Nintendo game, you know that it would have “fun” at the centre of its design. Alternatively, speaking on its weakness (and almost from a fan perspective), I personally wished that Nintendo games could follow the growth of its core audience over time. I own and have played every Nintendo console since the original Famicom (in China), and I’ve always loved them. However now-a-days in a busy lifestyle, it’s harder to find Nintendo experiences that are really catered towards me.

I think as a corporation, the steps that Nintendo takes in investing in unique experiences like Pokemon GO, or Fire Emblem Heroes are the exact answers I’ve been looking for. Additionally, it’s been easier than ever being a 3rd party developer for Nintendo. I think it’s only a matter of time, now that the Switch dev kits are sent to the developers, for the eShop to be filling with a variety of content.

Source: Nintendo Life


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