Qwilfish, #211 – Balloon Pokémon

Qwilfish sucks in water, inflating itself. This Pokémon uses the pressure of the water it swallowed to shoot toxic quills all at once from all over its body. It finds swimming somewhat challenging.

Type: Water/Poison

Category: Balloon

Ability: Poison Point, where contact with the Pokemon may poison the attacker. Or Swift Swim, which boosts the Pokemon’s Speed stat in rain.

Hidden Ability: Intimidate, which lowers the opposing Pokemon’s Attack stat.

Weaknesses: Ground, Electric and Psychic

Resistances: Fighting, WaterFairy, Poison, Fire, Ice, Steel and Bug

Immunity: None

Evolutions: This Pokemon does not evolve.

Height: 1′ 08″ Weight: 8.6 lbs


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