Pokémon Duel update tweaks figures and adds brand-new ones, including Heatmor, Ninjask and Bronzor

Pokémon Duel has received a new update that takes it to version 3.0.8 – which contains a number of bug fixes and requires 163MB of space on your mobile device to download. The latest patch, which is required to in order to continue playing the game, also consists of the recently announced balance updates for the Aggron, Armaldo, Skarmory, Geodude, Graveler, Golem, Rhyhorn and Magnemite.

The new update also adds various brand-new figures. The EX Figures are Terrakion, Cobalion and Noivern. The R Figures are Heatmor, Ninjask and Galvantula. The UC Figures are Durant, Bronzor, Noibat, Joltik & Nincada. It also added a new Orange Time Booster, which is guaranteed to hold Steel-type or Rock-type Pokémon. Finally, it added four new Plates which work with the Pokémon Genesect.

Source: Serebii


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