Kingdra, #230 – Dragon Pokémon

Kingdra lives at extreme ocean depths that are otherwise uninhabited. It has long been believed that the yawning of this Pokémon creates spiraling ocean currents. Kingdra sleeps on the seafloor where it is otherwise devoid of life. When a storm arrives, the Pokémon is said to awaken and wander about in search of prey.

Type: Water/Dragon

Category: Dragon

Ability: Swift Swim, which boosts the Pokemon’s Speed stat in rain. Or Sniper, which powers up moves if they become critical hits.

Hidden Ability: Damp, which prevents the use of self-destructing moves such as Self-Destruct by dampening its surroundings.

Weaknesses: Dragon and Fairy

Resistances: Fire, Water and Steel

Immunity: None

Evolutions: Kingdra evolves from Seadra when traded holding a Dragon Scale. It is the final form of Horsea.

Height: 5′ 11″ Weight: 335.1 lbs


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