Blissey, #242 – Happiness Pokémon

Blissey senses sadness with its fluffy coat of fur. If it does so, this Pokémon will rush over to a sad person, no matter how far away, to share a Lucky Egg that brings a smile to any face.

Type: Normal

Category: Happiness

Ability: Natural Cure, which heals all status conditions when the Pokemon switches out. Or Serene Grace, which boosts the likelihood of additional effects occurring.

Hidden Ability: Healer, which sometimes heals an ally’s status condition.

Weaknesses: Fighting

Resistances: None


Evolutions: Blissey evolves from Chansey when leveled up with high friendship. It is the final form of Happiny.

Height: 4′ 11″ Weight: 103.2 lbs


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