Lotad, #270 – Water Weed Pokémon

Lotad live in ponds and lakes, where they float on the surface. It grows weak if its broad leaf dies. On rare occasions, this Pokémon travels on land in search of clean water. Lotad is said to have dwelled on land before. However, this Pokémon is thought to have returned to water because the leaf on its head grew large and heavy. It now lives by floating atop the water.

Type: Water/Grass

Category: Water Weed

Ability: Swift Swim, which boosts the Pokemon’s Speed stat in rain. Or Raid Dish, where the Pokemon gradually regains HP in rain.

Hidden Ability: Own Tempo, which prevents the Pokemon from becoming confused.

Weaknesses: Bug, Flying and Poison

Resistances: Ground, Water and Steel

Immunity: None

Evolutions: Lotad evolves into Lombre starting at level 14, which evolves into Ludicolo when exposed to a Water Stone.

Height: 1′ 08″ Weight: 5.7 lbs


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