Piano Collections: Pokémon Red and Blue appears on Kickstarter from Materia Collective

The entire Pokémon series is known for its memorable music and Pokémon Red and Blue are no different. As a way to highlight the iconic tunes presented in the Game Boy classics, Materia Collective is currently seeking funds via Kickstarter for Piano Collections: Pokémon Red and Blue – which contributes to the effort of making “the greatest Pokémon piano album there ever was.” Further details are as follows:

The music of Pokémon Red and Blue was the childhood soundtrack of millions of people: sweet, charming Pallet Town, eerie Viridian Forest, four ferocious battle themes… every track from these games is deeply embedded in countless hearts and minds across the world. Piano Collections: Music from Pokémon Red and Blue seeks to honor the musical legacy of Pokémon through thoughtful, nuanced piano performances on a scope never before attempted. Featuring the work of ten professional arrangers, over thirty tracks from the games, and prominent guest star Kyle Landry, the album will take listeners on a comprehensive musical journey through the world of Pokémon Red and Blue.

Source: Kickstarter.com


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