Shroomish, #285 – Mushroom Pokémon

Shroomish live in damp soil in the dark depths of forests. They are often found keeping still under fallen leaves. This Pokémon feeds on compost that is made up of fallen, rotted leaves. If Shroomish senses danger, it shakes its body and scatters spores from the top of its head. This Pokémon’s spores are so toxic, they make trees and weeds wilt.

Type: Grass

Category: Mushroom

Ability: Effect Spore, where contact may poison or cause paralysis or sleep. Or Poison Heal, which restores HP if the Pokemon is poisoned.

Hidden Ability: Quick Feet, which boosts the Speed stat if the Pokemon has a status condition.

Weaknesses: Flying, Ice, Poison, Fire and Bug

Resistances: Water, Grass, Electric and Ground

Immunity: None

Evolutions: Shroomish evolves into Breloom starting at level 23.

Height: 1′ 04″ Weight: 9.9 lbs


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