Pokémon Duel changes are now live as part of the new major version 4 update

Pokémon Duel has received a new update, which officially takes it to version 4.0.0 and contains a variety of bug fixes and requires 163MB of space on your mobile device to download. It is required to update in order to play the game. This patch contains various bug fixes, as well as the balance updates for the Giratina, Rayquaza, Latias, Latios, Druddigon, Dratini and Smoochum figures. It also comes with a variety of new features including Mega Evolution, a new rarity of figure, an item to boost your figures to Level 10 called the Carmonite which is fused with Pokémon to get them to the new level, new Room Matches including Halls that have special restrictions for all players within to use, such as only using specific types and a brand new league.

Sun & Moon figures and Team Matches will be coming in future eventss It also added various brand new figures including Mega Evolutions. The UX Figures are Mega Charizard X, Mega Charizard Y, & Mega Beedrill. The R Figures are Avalugg, & Pangoro. The UC Figures are Bergmite, & Pancham. It also added a new Orange Time Booster which are guaranteed to hold Dragon-type or Ice-type Pokémon. A special 10 pack booster has also been released with a guaranteed EX or UX drop. Finally, it added a variety of new Plate focused on Mega Evolution as well as an Eon Flute plate.

Source: Serebii


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