Milotic, #350 – Tender Pokémon

Milotic is said to be the most beautiful of all the Pokémon. It has the power to becalm such emotions as anger and hostility to quell bitter feuding. Milotic live at the bottom of large lakes. When this Pokémon’s body glows a vivid pink, it releases a pulsing wave of energy that brings soothing calm to troubled hearts.

Type: Water

Category: Tender

Ability: Marvel Scale, which boosts the Defense stat if the Pokemon has a status condition. Or Competitive, which boosts the Sp. Atk stat when a stat is lowered.

Hidden Ability: Cute Charm, where contact with the Pokemon may cause infatuation.

Weaknesses: Electric and Grass

Resistances: Fire, Water, Steel and Ice

Immunity: None

Evolutions:  Milotic evolves from Feebas when leveled up with high Beauty condition or when traded holding a Prism Scale.

Height: 20′ 04″ Weight: 357.1 lbs


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