Shuppet, #353 – Puppet Pokémon

Shuppet is attracted by feelings of jealousy and vindictiveness. If someone develops strong feelings of vengeance, this Pokémon will appear in a swarm and line up beneath the eaves of that person’s home. Shuppet grows by feeding on dark emotions, such as vengefulness and envy, in the hearts of people. It roams through cities in search of grudges that taint people.

Type: Ghost

Category: Puppet

Ability: Insomnia, which prevents the Pokemon from falling asleep. Or Frisk, where the Pokemon can check an opposing Pokemon’s held item.

Hidden Ability: Cursed Body, which may disable a move used on the Pokemon.

Weaknesses: Dark and Ghost

ResistancesBug and Poison

ImmunityNormal and Fighting

Evolutions: Shuppet evolves into Banette starting at level 37.

Height: 2′ 00″ Weight: 5.1 lbs


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