Brand-new children’s app Pokémon Playhouse now available for free on iPad and Android

Discover fun activities throughout the Pokémon Playhouse, an official Pokémon app for younger Pokémon fans, available for iPad and Android devices. In the Pokémon Playhouse, meet cute Pokémon and explore various areas, including the Tower, the Lounge, and the Playground. Every location within the Pokémon Playhouse features activities created just for younger Pokémon fans, such as taking care of your Pokémon in the Pokémon Grooming activity or identifying Pokémon in the night sky in the Search the Stars activity. Then head to the Playroom to listen to a story and see the adorable Pokémon go on exciting new adventures.

When they first arrive at the Pokémon Playhouse, visitors will be given a Pokémon Egg to keep track of. As more of the Pokémon Playhouse is explored and activities are completed, the Pokémon Egg will begin to hatch—and eventually reveal a new Pokémon! Designed for children ages 3–5; no reading or math skills are necessary to complete activities. A friendly human character will host and narrate every aspect of the Pokémon Playhouse.

The Pokémon Playhouse app does not collect any personal information whatsoever and does not include any in-app purchases. Download the app for free for iPad in the App Store and for Android Devices in Google Play, and let your child start exploring the Pokémon Playhouse today!



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