New Pokémon minigame Togedemaru’s Hop-to-the-Top now available to play for free

Togedemaru has a problem, and that problem is it desperately longs to get off the ground. But you can help it out in the minigame, Togedemaru’s Hop-to-the-Top! What better way to fly high than to find a couple of trees growing next to each other and bouncing back and forth between their many leafy branches? Just be careful—the higher Togedemaru hops, the farther it is back to the ground when it misses a jump! Points are earned based on Togedemaru’s height, and extra points can be earned by collecting the berries that are found along the way. Only you can help this plucky little Pokémon reach the heights it so desperately hopes to achieve!

Before you start playing Togedemaru’s Hop-to-the-Top, be sure to log into your Pokémon Trainer Club account. When you do, you’ll be eligible for the game leaderboards, and you can track your top scores on your My Profile page! Togedemaru’s Hop-to-the-Top can be played on a computer or a touch-screen device. Start your climb in Togedemaru’s Hop-to-the-Top on today!



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