Battle Pokémon tips for Croagunk in Pokkén Tournament DX on Nintendo Switch

With the new release of Pokkén Tournament DX for Nintendo Switch, players are finally able to fight with five new Pokémon that are making their home-console debut. Darkrai, Scizor, Empoleon and Croagunk have joined the battle after previously appearing only in the arcade version of the game. Decidueye has never before been in a Pokkén game and is making its first appearance on Nintendo Switch.

Over the next few days, The Pokémon Company will look at each of these new Battle Pokémon and how they stack up against the competition.


If you’re looking to confuse and frustrate your opponent, Croagunk is the perfect Battle Pokémon to choose. With its humorous animations and moves, it can be seen as more of a novelty character than a serious contender—but you can do a fair amount of damage with this Pokémon. Croagunk is a Speed character with 540 HP. Due to its humorous antics, some of its moves end with it falling to the ground or looking out into the crowd for approval, briefly leaving it open to attack. You’ll need to use its speed to maneuver your way into attack range and back out before your opponent can retaliate.

Many of Croagunk’s attacks are projectile based, and it has a wide variety of things it can throw at its foes. It has energy bursts like you might expect, but you’ll also see bombs, rocks, and even tornadoes. There is a bit of a random element to the types of projectiles that it launches as well. Sometimes it will throw a small rock, but occasionally it will heave a massive rolling boulder. Both you and your opponent will need to be on your toes to adapt to these ever-changing attacks. Croagunk also has the ability to knock its opponent high into the air to set them up for a powerful combo. Just be careful when using its notably amusing Burst Attack. It has a very limited range, which requires Croagunk to be right in front of its opponent when it’s initiated.

Suggested Support Pokémon: Croagunk & Sylveon

Since many people will choose Croagunk to confound their opponents, why not go all the way and choose another Croagunk as your Support Pokémon? Its Toxic attack will damage your opponent and lower their defense.



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