Battle Pokémon tips for Empoleon in Pokkén Tournament DX on Nintendo Switch

With the new release of Pokkén Tournament DX for Nintendo Switch, players are finally able to fight with five new Pokémon that are making their home-console debut. DarkraiScizor, Empoleon and Croagunk have joined the battle after previously appearing only in the arcade version of the game. Decidueye has never before been in a Pokkén game and is making its first appearance on Nintendo Switch.

Over the past few days, The Pokémon Company has been looking at each of these new Battle Pokémon and how they stack up against the competition.


With a whopping 630 HP, Empoleon is a very sturdy Standard Pokémon. It can take a ton of hits and still keep going. It needs this advantage, however, to make up for the fact that it’s incredibly slow. Most other Battle Pokémon will be able to run circles around Empoleon. And forget about attempting to walk around the arena while in Field Phase—it’s simply too plodding to move around effectively.

Luckily, Empoleon has a couple moves that allow it to travel around the arena more quickly, putting it within close range of its opponent. This is something you’ll want to do right away. Remaining at a distance can essentially turn Empoleon into a projectile target. Once Empoleon has closed the gap, it’s time to start unleashing its powerful combo attacks. Of special note is its Burst Attack, which will knock off a huge amount of your opponent’s health. Empoleon is definitely not a Battle Pokémon for beginners, but expert players may appreciate its raw power.

Suggested Support Pokémon: Emolga & Fennekin

Emolga’s Shock Wave attack will damage your opponent, sure, but it also lowers your opponent’s speed. Use this opportunity to move in close to them, putting your Pokémon at an advantage.



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