Final box art revealed for Pokémon – Season 1-19 – Deluxe Edition, launches next month for $300 in Australia

Pokémon anime fans in Australia can now pre-order Pokémon – Season 1-19 – Deluxe Edition, which is being listed at Sanity for $299.99 with a November 1 shipping date. To pre-order this item, click here. To view the final box art for this upcoming set, check out the image above. The official product description is as follows:

Join Ash and all his friends in this epic anthology comprising the complete seasons 1-19! Relive all your favourite Pokemon moments from Kanto, the Orange Islands, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova and Kalos! Who could forget the moment Ash meets his best pal Pikachu, while they got off to a rocky start it wasn’t long until they became inseparable companions. Remember when Ash meets Misty? He was so desperate to save Pikachu that he stole her bike, wrecking it in his rush to get Pikachu to a Pokemon Centre. Can you remember the first Pokemon Ash ever catches? That’s right, it was a Caterpie! This Pokemon Seasons 1-19 Deluxe Edition contains all these iconic Pokemon moments and much, much more.

Reintroduce yourself to all of Ash’s friends, from Misty the first travel companion Ash meets on the road, and Brock the first Gym Leader Ash ever faced; to Dawn The first person Ash meets in Sinnoh, who is on a quest to become a great Pokemon Coordinator, just like her mother, and Cilan the tall and charming Gym Leader of Striaton City Gym who is also a Pokemon Connoisseur. And many, many more companions and Pokemon along the way! With 112 discs and approximately 341 hours that’s over two weeks! of content, this limited edition collectors set is the ultimate gift for the ultimate Pokemon fan!


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