Registeel, #379 – Iron Pokémon

Registeel has a body that is harder than any kind of metal. Its body is apparently hollow. No one has any idea what this Pokémon eats. Registeel was imprisoned by people in ancient times. The metal composing its body is thought to be a curious substance that is not of this earth.

Type: Steel

Category: Iron

Ability: Clear Body, which prevents other Pokemon from lowering its stats.

Hidden Ability: Light Metal, which halves the Pokemon’s weight.

Weaknesses: Ground, Fighting and Fire

Resistances: Normal, Bug, Flying, Psychic, Rock, Ice, Dragon, Grass, Steel and Fairy

Immunity: Poison

Evolutions: This Pokemon does not evolve. Registeel is one of the three Legendary titans of the Hoenn region, alongside Regirock and Regice.

Height: 6′ 03″ Weight: 451.9 lbs


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