Wormadam, #413 – Bagworm Pokémon

Its appearance changes depending on where it evolved. The materials on hand become a part of its body. When Burmy evolved, its cloak became a part of this Pokémon’s body. The cloak is never shed.


  • Plant Cloak: Bug/Grass
  • Sandy Cloak: Bug/Ground
  • Trash Cloak: Bug/Steel

Category: Bagworm

Ability: Anticipation, which senses an opposing Pokemon’s dangerous moves.

Hidden Ability: Overcoat, which protects the Pokemon from things like sand, hail and powder.


  • Plant Cloak: Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison, Bug and Rock
  • Sandy Cloak: Fire, Water, Ice and Flying
  • Trash Cloak: Fire


  • Plant Cloak: Fighting, Grass, Ground, Electric and Water
  • Sandy Cloak: Fighting, Poison and Ground
  • Trash Cloak: Normal, Grass, Dragon, Bug, Psychic, Ice, Steel and Fairy


  • Plant Cloak: None
  • Sandy Cloak: Electric
  • Trash Cloak: Poison

Evolutions: Wormadam evolves from a female Burmy starting at level 20. It is one of Burmy’s final forms, alongside Mothim.

Determined by its cloak, Wormadam has three different secondary types: Steel, Grass and Ground

Height: 1′ 08″ Weight: 14.3 lbs


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