Combee, #415 – Tiny Bee Pokémon

The trio is together from birth. It constantly gathers honey from flowers to please Vespiquen. It collects and delivers honey to its colony. At night, they cluster to form a beehive and sleep.

Type: Bug/Flying

Category: Tiny Bee

Ability: Honey Gather, where the Pokemon may gather Honey from somewhere.

Hidden Ability: Hustle, which boosts the Attack stat, but lowers accuracy.

Weaknesses: Flying, Rock, Fire, Electric and Ice

Resistances: Fighting, Grass and Bug

Immunity: Ground

Evolutions: Female Combee evolve into Vespiquen starting at level 21. Male Combee don’t evolve.

Height: 1′ 00″ Weight: 12.1 lbs


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