Gastrodon, #423 – Sea Slug Pokémon

When its natural enemy attacks, it oozes purple fluid and escapes. It apparently had a huge shell for protection in ancient times. It lives in shallow tidal pools.

Type: Water/Ground

Category: Sea Slug

Ability: Sticky Hold, which protects the Pokemon from item theft. Or Storm Drain, which draws in all Water-type moves to boost its Sp. Atk stat.

Hidden Ability: Sand Force, which boosts the power of RockGround and Steel-type moves in a sandstorm.

Weakness: Grass

Resistances: Poison, Steel, Rock and Fire

Immunity: Electric

Evolutions: Gastrodon evolves from Shellos starting at level 30. It has two different appearances – West Sea (pink and brown) and East Sea (blue and green).

Height: 2′ 11″ Weight: 65.9 lbs


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