Everything you need to know about the Pokémon GO event at CicLAvia on December 10 in Los Angeles

If you’re looking to play Pokémon GO with other players around Los Angeles, California, read on below to learn more about the next CicLAvia event, which is set to take place on December 10:

The main purpose of CicLAvia is to encourage community exploration and interaction on the determined route. Pokémon GO players are invited to attend the event if they’re interested in the event and community itself, and are interested in connecting with both community members and other players. Because this is focused on the community aspect, there will be no special integrations beyond what is normally available in the game.

Program Information:

● The CicLAvia event is a 501c3 non-profit that catalyzes vibrant public spaces, active transportation and good
health through car-free street events. CicLAvia engages with people to positively transform our relationship with
our communities and with each other. CicLAvia temporarily opens streets across Los Angeles county to all
Angelenos to bike, walk, skate, dance, and play. Free to the public, the event turns the streets into a park space
that connects diverse portions of the city. Currently, CicLAvia has five events per year, always on a Sunday.
● This is a free program and is open to people of all ages and physical abilities. No tickets are required. Please find
all event related information here: http://www.ciclavia.org/faq
● The official program date and time is Sunday, December 10 from 9am – 3pm PDT. The 4-mile car-free route can
be found here: http://www.ciclavia.org/ciclavia_iconic_wilshire
● While attending the program, please always be aware of your surroundings, follow all local rules and respect
other Trainers, program participants, members of the City staff, program volunteers, security, police, and
emergency management staff.

Pokémon GO integration:

● This program activity is conducted in partnership with CicLAvia and Niantic, Inc., one of the companies behind
Pokémon GO.
● The CicLAvia route will include normal PokéStops and Gyms. Many of these PokéStops will have Lure Modules
placed on them.
● Players will be able to play the game normally, including catching local Pokémon, battling at Gyms and collecting
items at PokéStops. Please note that there will not be any region-locked Pokémon at CicLAvia and that the main
purpose of this event is to enjoy the surrounding community and meet other players.
● If you have additional questions, please email the Pokémon GO Help Center
● Pokémon GO players at CicLAvia will have a unique opportunity to submit new ideas for potential game
locations along the event route to Niantic. The *top 5 submissions from the day will be added to the game
(subject to game location guidelines)!


● Please make sure children stay with parents or guardians and stay safe.
● Please be aware of your road safety at all times and follow all traffic signals for crossing the street.
● Please be respectful of public and private property when playing Pokémon GO

Source: @NianticLabs


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