New Pokémon trailer: Solve Mysteries with Detective Pikachu

The Pokémon Company International and Nintendo recently announced that the Detective Pikachu game is scheduled to release both digitally and at retail on March 23, 2018. Detective Pikachu finds the hero of the title – a unique Pikachu in the Pokémon world – partnering with Tim Goodman and searching for evidence and clues to solve a series of cases, whilst also investigating the disappearance of Tim’s father, Harry Goodman. Also launching on the same day is the new Great Detective amiibo figure. To make way for the upcoming release, the original Detective Pikachu – Birth of a New Duo has been removed from the Nintendo eShop. Detective Pikachu plays only in 2D and doesn’t support any 3D features.

To see the official logo for the English version of Detective Pikachu, click here. To see the Japanese box art for the game, click here. To see the packaging for both the Japanese and North American versions of the Great Detective amiibo, click here. Customers in Japan who purchase the digital version of the game will receive a special theme for Nintendo 3DS. To watch the first English dub trailer for Detective Pikachu, click here. The game supports English and Japanese voiceovers with options for subtitles in Spanish, French, German, Italian or Chinese. To see official artwork for Detective Pikachu featuring Tim Goodman, click here. To watch the official announcement trailer for the game, check out any of the videos below:


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