Massive Pokkén Tournament DX 1.2 update, video capture and Battle Pack Wave 1 coming tomorrow, January 31

During the recent Pokkén Tournament DX special cup at EVO Japan 2018, The Pokémon Company and Bandai Namco Entertainment have confirmed that the Nintendo Switch fighting game will officially add support for the console’s video capture feature tomorrow, January 31. This is also when Wave 1 of the Pokkén Tournament DX Battle Pack will be released as DLC in the Nintendo eShop, adding Aegislash as a playable character and Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyu as Support Pokémon. Also coming on January 31 is the game’s massive version 1.2 update, which includes the following changes:

Certain Aerials – Made it so you can no longer be grabbed out of certain aerial attacks.
System Change – Fixed a problem where inputting commands before landing could allow you to perform actions you shouldn’t be able to.
System Change – Fixed a problem where inputting commands right before getting hit would cause you to be able to do things you shouldn’t be able to.
System Change – Added Switch 30 second recording compatibility.

fY (Field) – Does more damage. Causes a hard knockdown on phase shift.
Bone Rush Upper (in burst) – Increased recovery
6X/6[X] (in burst) – Increased damage scaling
Bone Rush Downswing (in burst) – Fixes an issue where clashing against another attack with downswing would work properly while in burst(?)
Full Charge Force Palm – Fixed an issue where it wouldn’t properly work (not sure what this means).

Iron Tail – Fixed an issue where Iron Tail wouldn’t come out during burst

Fake Out – Can now perform a charged version of Fake Out
Field jX – Can cancel into Pokemon moves
Burst Attack – Now better anti-airs opponents

jX (Field) – Fixed a problem where this wouldn’t properly hit aerial opponents
jX (Duel) – Fixed a problem where this move wouldn’t properly auto correct on opponents behind you

8X – Deals more damage
Homing Attack – Deals less damage

4X – Fixed the cancel window so that it’s now larger. Made it easier to move after the attack as well.

Burst Attack – Fixed a rare case where burst attack wouldn’t transistion into the cinematic on hit

Dig – Fixed a problem where you could move during the attack portion of Dig

Release X – Reduced synergy cost
4Y – Increased blockstun
Guts – Now has the same defense buff as others when in guts
Soaring X – Reduced damage
Release Y – Reduced damage
Release Y – Fixed an issue where some hits would miss on certain characters
jX (Field) – Fixed an issue where this wouldn’t track grounded opponents properly

jX – Increased block stun

5Y – Reduced combo scaling.
6Y – Greater range
5X – Does more knockback on a blocking opponent, also has more blockstun

Lapras: Surf – Made the hitbox bigger so that it’s more difficult to jump over. Also erases projectiles sooner.
Ninetales: Will-o-Wisp – After calling Ninetales you can act sooner and WoW has a bigger hitbox. However, the blockstun has been reduced.
Magneton: Tri-Attack – Shoots faster
Electrode: Explosion – Upon a successful guard point, Electrode chases opponents down faster and explodes quicker.
Rotom: Thundershock – Can move sooner after calling Rotom. Made it easier to combo off confirms.
Dragonite: Draco Meteor – Does more damage, made it easier for the attacks to combo into each other on a mid-air hit
Magikarp: Splash – When Magikarp is triggered, it now splats the opponent faster.
Croagunk: Toxic – Does more chip damage.
Espeon: Morning Sun – Charges faster. When there is less time left the amount of HP recovered is even larger than before!
Diglett: Dig – Does more chip damage. Made it harder for opponents to get out of Diglett when blocking in Field.
Pachirisu: Follow Me – Charges faster
Quagsire: Mud Bomb – Once you call Quagsire, Mud Bomb tracks your opponent better.
Jirachi: Wish – Gives less synergy
Litten: Fire Fang – No longer crits grabs
Fennekin: Ember – Can no longer wallsplat opponents
Eevee: Helping Hand – Heals more HP, buff timer has been reduced
Togekiss: Tailwind – Heals more HP, buff timer has been reduced
Sylveon: Reflect – Heals more HP, buff timer has been reduced
Umbreon: Snarl – More blockstun, reduced knockback


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