Cycle Across Kanto Pokémon documentary fails on Kickstarter, Cycle Across Unova replaces the canned project on GoFundMe

The Pokémon-related project Cycle Across Kanto has fallen short on Kickstarter. Instead,  creator Stephen Aymond is now hoping to raise enough funds for a new project called Cycle Across Unova on GoFundMe. Read on below to learn more about this initiative:

Hello, Backers!

Thank you so much for supporting and believing in our Kickstarter campaign, ‘Cycle Across Kanto’! So many people showed such a massive interest in the project, and we can’t thank you enough. Together, you managed to raise over $4,500! Yes, it was a bit shy of our $132,000 goal. But, instead of becoming discouraged, our crew asked itself, “What can we do with $4,000?”

As you might know by now, every main series game in the Pokémon franchise is based on real-life locations here on Earth. ‘Cycle Across Kanto’ wanted to document the inspirations of Pokémon Red & Blue, which would have taken 40 days to travel on bike. However, one of the later titles, Pokémon Black & White, a game heavily inspired by New York City and its surrounding areas, would take only a mere 7-8 days to knock out!

That’s right! We’re keeping this project going strong under a new direction:
‘Cycle Across Unova’!

You will be receiving your pledges back soon, as Kickstarter only sends its funds to campaigners who reach their goal (of which we did not). So, please consider re-backing us on our new GoFundMe page so we can begin ‘Cycle Across Unova’! You can still opt to get your backer rewards there too! (For posters and T-shirts, you can tell us if you would rather have a Kanto or Unova version by leaving a comment with your donation.)

You might be asking yourself how we’re managing to make a similar product with only 3% of the funds that we wanted initially. 1) We need far less expenses to travel within our own country. 2) We won’t be purchasing any new film gear, but will instead roll out with what we have already. 3) My film crew and I have committed to work on this project without being compensated for our time. We’ve decided to work pro bono because this film is an idea that we believe in and are dedicated to. But we still need help with getting us there and back. That’s where that $4,000 comes in…

This update only scratches the surface of the information we have for the New York documentary. You can read the rest on our GoFundMe page, which you can find here:

We thank you in advance for your continued support! Let’s ‘Cycle Across Unova!’



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