Marshtomp, Pancham and Croagunk chat about Mewtwo in new Pokémon Puppet Theater episode

In the 30th installment of Pokémon Puppet Theater, the focus is on a chatty conversation between Marshtomp, Pancham and Croagunk. One of the featured topics includes a discussion about the Legendary Pokémon Mewtwo. You can see these events play out by watching the latest episode of Pokémon Puppet Theater in the video below. To catch up by watching the 29th episode, click here.

ポケモンパペット劇場 パペモン #30「でんせつ」

パペモン第30話、遂に伝説のポケモンが!? ヌマクローさん、伝説のポケモンに会ったことがあるらしい……しかもあのミュウツーさん!? でも、なーんか怪しいなぁ……。


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