Phione, #489 – Sea Drifter Pokémon

When the water warms, they inflate the flotation sac on their heads and drift languidly on the sea in packs. It drifts in warm seas. It always returns to where it was born, no matter how far it may have drifted.

Type: Water

Category: Sea Drifter

Ability: Hydration, which heals status conditions if it’s raining.

Hidden Ability: None

Weaknesses: Electric and Grass

Resistances: Fire, Water, Steel and Ice

Immunity: None

Evolutions: Phione does not evolve into or from any other Pokemon, but it is a member of the sea guardians duo alongside Manaphy. Phione can only be obtained by breeding Manaphy or another Phione with Ditto.

Height: 1′ 04″ Weight: 6.8 lbs


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