Quests are officially coming to Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO is in the process of being updated to version 0.91.1 for Android and 1.61.1 for iOS devices. The Pokémon GO development team at Niantic recently revealed official patch notes, but dataminers have discovered that it also includes the mention of a brand-new feature in the form of Pokémon GO Quests. The unofficial change log is as follows:

Code changes

  • Quest support is here, although it is not yet activated. This is what we know about quests:
  • There are various types of quests.
  • Quests can be multi part, challenge or story quests
  • Quests feature Professor Willow, “face expressions” are also mentioned but nothing super important to report
  • Quests follow a “template structure”, which means that the majority of quests will feature similar goals: get X of Experience / Item / Dust, etc.
  • Quests have requirements: level, medal or a previous quest

Asset changes

  • Nothing notable. Texture fixes, etc. Quest star added, but it’s basically a white star.

Other changes

  • Bug fixes and performance optimizations
  • Deoxys and Castform should have a forms button in the Pokedex (not yet active)
  • News section was updated
  • Device support can be checked, as hinted previously in the Network bundles
  • A decent amount of infrastructure changes

Source: Pokémon GO Hub


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