Pokémon GO is adding new Quest functionality with objectives like catching Pokémon, spinning PokéStops, winning Gym battles, hatching Eggs and more

The dedicated team at the Silph Road has dug into the latest version of Pokémon GO to see what could be learned from new changes in the APK file, uncovering a brand-new Pokémon GO Quests system and a slew of other features:

1. Search by “Shiny” in the Pokedex List Page

Just as they shared, you can now see all your Shiny Pokemon together by using the search tool on the Pokedex list page! This is handy, especially as Community Days appear to be a new way to deliver shiny species in-game.

2. Overhauled ‘News’ Section

The new News section appears to have been a large re-work. Now, unread news appears to be prioritized, marked read, and handled more elegantly thereafter.

Give it a spin when news breaks! Perhaps Niantic is planning to make heavier use of this feature to propagate important information about the game and events like Community Day, etc.

3. Energy Bar Rework

Much has changed in regards to the Energy Bar in combat (used for charge moves), including a few puzzling new attributes:

  • currentBar
  • maxBars

and a new ‘key’ system that appears to be keeping track of the bars’ progress. Our theory is that this is simply a better way to handle updating the bar progress to potentially avoid getting out-of-sync. But we can’t help but wonder if this update isn’t increasing support for multiple energy bars for … other purposes. 😉

4. Device Support Check

New functions have appeared to check for device support, on the heels of the announcement that iOS devices which can’t support iOS 11 are being deprecated in Pokemon GO.

5. New Pokedex Display Buttons for Deoxys and Castform

Due to the additional complexity of Deoxys and Castform having ‘forms,’ the Pokedex has been updated to handle toggling between forms, genders, and shinyness.

This bodes well for the launch of these species!

6. New Way of Storing Trainer Location

The Trainer’s latitude and longitude are now stored in a new attribute. We’re unsure what this implicates. It may be part of additional anti-cheat measures, or it may simply be intended for future features.

And now for the big finding in this update. Hold on to your Pokemon, travelers:

7. New Quest Functionality!

Previously, the daily spin / daily catch bonus was called a ‘Quest’ in the APK.

With this new update, this entire section has been reworked and a lot has been added. The team has done our best to piece together how this metadata might suggest the mechanics work together in the final product – but this is a hypothesis only at this point!

Nevertheless, here’s how it appears to work, travelers. We see two types of Quests appearing:


Which appear to simply be dependent on the mechanics required to complete the objective!

Quests have been expanded from 2 objectives to 10

The previous two objectives were:


We now see new objectives for:


And excitingly, a new


Which should lend well to combined objectives.

Quest Attributes

We see the following attributes of quests:

  • Creation Timestamp
  • Completion Timestamp
  • Rewards
  • Status (Active / Completed)
  • Multipart
  • Context
  • Seed
  • Goal

Quest Characters?

We see new references to Quest characters, firstly Professor Willow!

They also appear to have Character Expressions, though only two so far: UNSET and HAPPY.

Perhaps you must complete the quest to make the NPC happy!

Quest Pre-Conditions

It appears that some quests may be gated behind pre-conditions. The following appear:


So we may be required to earn a medal, achieve a certain Trainer Level, or even have completed a different quest before embarking on a new one.

Source: The Silph Road on Reddit

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