Official music video for Pyukumuku unveiled by The Pokémon Company

Pyukumuku is the latest Pokémon to get the official music video treatment from The Pokémon Company. The Pyukumuku song focuses on the grotesque attributes of the Sea Cucumber Pokémon and the various shapes it can make with its hand via its extendable arm. A number of other Pokémon can be spotted as well, including Staryu, Pinsir, Burmy, Cloyster, Victini, Vikavolt, Geodude, Weezing, Dwebble, Mantyke and Voltorb. To watch the original Japanese version of the Song of Pyukumuku, check out the music video below. English subtitles are also available, so feel free to sing along!


パーを広げてヒトデマン♪ グーをふたつでマタドガス♪ ナマコブシの手遊び歌で、
手を使ってポケモンをつくっちゃおう! Let’s play together !


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