How and when to catch all four of Castform’s different forms in Pokémon GO via dynamic weather

Akin to how Castform is supposed to behave, the adorable little Weather Pokémon has four different forms in Pokémon GO. They are its Normal form, Sunny Form, Rainy Form and Snowy Form – each of which is influenced by the mobile game’s dynamic weather mechanic. If the real weather outside is cloudy, windy or foggy, Castform will be in its Normal form; if the weather is sunny, Castform will be in its Sunny Form; during rain, Castform is in its Rainy Form; and during snow, Castform is in its Snowy Form. After capturing a Castform in Pokémon GO, it’s supposed to stay in that state forever. To view the official commercials for Castform’s different forms in Pokémon GO, click here. Check out the chart below for more details on how to catch all four Castform:

Castform Weather
Normal Clear, Cloudy, and Windy
Rainy Rain
Snowy Snow and Fog
Sunny Sun

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