Pokémon video: How to cook Cold Pikachu Ramen

If you wanted to learn how to cook Cold Pikachu Ramen from officially-licensed The Pokémon Cookbook, check out the video below, followed by the entire recipe:

The receipt for 2 bowls of “Cold Pikachu Ramen”

You need:
*2 packs Ramen with Soy Sauce
*1 Egg
*1 Cucumber
*1 slice of ham
*2 cherry tomatoes
*1 nori leaf
*1 table spoon sugar
*1 table spoon starch
*1 – 3 table spoons water
*1 table spoon cooking oil

1) stir the egg in a bowl until it turns into a foam, in a second bowl mix the sugar, starch and the water until the starch liquified, then add the oil — but this mix in the egg foam and stir again

2) thighten a cling film over a 15 diameter large flat plate and put the egg mix on it (two times for two crêpes) – put it into the microwave at around 600 Watt for 30 to 45 seconds until the mass turned into a crêpes.

3) Cut the crêpes into Pikachu’s head and ears

4) Cut the cucumber and the ham into tiny slices and the tomato into Pikachu’s cheeks and some speed lines

5) Cook the ramen and sieve it

6) Add the sauce to the ramen, mix well and decorate

7) Cut the nori into Pikachu’s face and ear tips


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