Detective Pikachu offers a glimpse of what the next generation of Pokémon might look on Nintendo Switch

The folks at USgamer have put together an analysis piece explaining why they think Detective Pikachu offers a glimpse of what the next generation of Pokémon might look on Nintendo Switch. Read on below for a few excerpts from their in-depth feature:

It hasn’t been until recently that the games have started to turn the tide. Pokemon Sun and Moon, directed by artist Shigeru Ohmori, was perhaps the liveliest Pokemon ever, with monsters constantly interacting with the protagonist and each other. The next generation will be on the Nintendo Switch, which should push the boundaries of the series even further.

Both Pokemon Sun and Moon and Detective Pikachu would seem to indicate bigger things for the series going forward. The forthcoming Switch version of Pokemon will likely retain many of the trappings of the previous games—the turn-based combat, the random encounters, and so forth—but it will do so in the context of a console game. All those fans who have been pining for a full-blown console experience since 1998 will soon be getting their wish.

It’s a major transition for the series. Pokemon Sun and Moon was as close as the series has ever gotten to a traditional “console experience,” but it was still limited to the Nintendo 3DS. The Nintendo Switch will offer a much broader canvass.

Detective Pikachu and Pokemon Sun/Moon would seem to indicate that the series is slowly moving toward that experience, but we’ll see. Game Freak is notoriously conservative with their technical advances, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the forthcoming Switch games turned out to be a slightly enhanced variant of the 3DS games. I just hope that Game Freak sees this opportunity for what it is and really goes out of its way to bring the world of Pokemon to life.

In the meantime, Detective Pikachu is a simple but fun glimpse of what the everyday world of Pokemon is like for those who aren’t trainers. With more than 800 monsters to draw from, Pokemon’s ecosystem is richer than ever. And with the Switch, Game Freak finally has the power to really bring it to life. Detective Pikachu is our taste of it on the 3DS.



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