Pokémon the Series best friends forever: Ash, Misty and Brock – ear pulling and all

The original and most iconic trio from Pokémon the Series – consisting of Ash, Misty and Brock – is arguably the best we’ve ever seen in the Pokémon anime. All three characters are extremely talented and strive hard to achieve their respective goals. It seems that Ash has a connection with bicycles. That’s how he gathers his friends. But that’s another story saved for another time. That day, one of two wonderful things happened to him – he saw the Legendary Ho-Oh with his own eyes and befriended Misty… or she befriended him? Well, at least she initially followed “Mr. Pokémon Master” to get her bike back.

When Ash challenges Brock, who was the Gym Leader of Pewter City, he failed in his first attempt. The second time, with the help of Brock’s father, he almost lost, but Brock, upon seeing how much he loved Pikachu, spared it. But the fire alarm switched on, causing water pipes to open. Brock’s Onix was weakened as a result; on the other hand, Ash, who used it to his advantage, was almost on the verge of winning, but at the request of Brock’s siblings, abandoned the match. Thus, he got Brock as his enduring travelling companion. All three travel together, having fun and sharing each other’s joys and sorrows along the way.

Many of us missed Misty, who, when Brock starts blabbering like a fool in front of Nurse Joy or Officer Jenny, ruthlessly pulls Brock by his ears. Those are unforgettable moments. Even Max, May’s brother, comments about Misty being “afraid of bugs.” But most importantly, he admits “That girl’s got style!” And Max eventually takes on the job of pulling Brock away from his “crushes” after Misty’s departure.

Brock, the most passionate breeder known to Ash, is indeed a great cook as well. Brock’s experience with taking care of his multiple siblings made it easier for Ash and Misty to not worry about finding food or shelter with Brock by their side. He has this queer habit of falling for practically every beautiful maiden he meets, some even reciprocated it. Mostly it would be Misty who pulls him by his ears, but Ash takes over it occasionally, too. Like when they return to Ecruteak City in for the Johto League, Sakura, the young girl with an Espeon and four older sisters, with each evolution of Eevee at the time, lose them. Misty and Sakura, being the youngest siblings in their respective families, find comfort in each other. When Misty goes with Sakura to find out a way to rescue her sisters’ beloved Pokémon, Brock starts blabbering. And Ash takes it upon himself to pull his ears this time.

The infamous ear-pulling roll can be reversed, too. While competing for the Whirl Cup contest, Misty, who was obsessed in finding and catching a Corsola, was actually pulled away by Brock by her ear.

There is no end to fun with this trio. But it all comes to an end as the three part ways. Misty sulks a lot, but when realizes the support her friends gave her on their last battle together, she promises to keep in touch with them. Even Brock had to go as he had other responsibilities to attend to. They gift Ash with a snack, its cutlery and a handkerchief that makes it easier for him to carry. Ash cries as he departs from his dear friends, but the items gifted to him come in handy when Team Rocket carries on another attempt to capture Pikachu.

Then Ash goes on a new journey to Hoenn where he joins May, Max and Brock. They fortunately get to meet Misty a number of times.

However, one thing is for sure, no matter whoever else decides to travel alongside Ash, it will never be like the original trio.

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