Special boxes featuring Premium Raid Passes, Lucky Eggs and Max Revives disappear soon in Pokémon GO

Legendary week recently concluded in Pokémon GO. Players of the immensely-popular mobile game are now able to hatch Pokémon that prefer windy weather more often from Eggs. You can also take advantage of wind-themed Raid Battles and double XP until March 16. In addition, special boxes containing Premium Raid Passes, Lucky Eggs, Max Potions and Max Revives are now available for purchase via the in-game shop until later today, March 11. The official announcement from the Pokémon GO development team at Niantic is as follows:

Seeking items that will aid you on your upcoming adventures in Pokémon GO? Prepare for battle with special boxes containing Premium Raid Passes. These boxes also include Lucky Eggs, Max Potions and Max Revives, which are especially useful when fighting powerful Pokémon. They are only in the shop until March 11, so grab them before they’re gone! Stay safe, and happy exploring!


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