Gurdurr, #533 – Muscular Pokémon

With strengthened bodies, they skillfully wield steel beams to take down buildings. This Pokémon is so muscular and strongly built that even a group of wrestlers could not make it budge an inch.

Type: Fighting

Category: Muscular

Ability: Guts, which boosts the Attack stat if the Pokemon has a status condition. Or Sheer Force, which removes additional effects to increase the power of moves when attacking.

Hidden Ability: Iron Fist, which powers up punching moves.

Weaknesses: Flying, Psychic and Fairy

Resistances: Rock, Bug and Dark

Immunity: None

Evolutions: Gurdurr evolves from Timburr starting at level 25 and into Conkeldurr when traded.

Height: 3′ 11″ Weight: 88.2 lbs


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