Swadloon, #541 – Leaf-Wrapped Pokémon

Forests where Swadloon live have superb foliage because the nutrients they make from fallen leaves nourish the plant life. It protects itself from the cold by wrapping up in leaves. It stays on the move, eating leaves in forests.

Type: Bug/Grass

Category: Leaf-Wrapped

Ability: Leaf Guard, which prevents status conditions in sunny weather. Or Chlorophyll, which boosts the Pokemon’s Speed stat in sunshine.

Hidden Ability: Overcoat, which protects the Pokemon from things like sand, hail and powder.

Weaknesses: Fire, Flying, Ice, Bug, Poison and Rock.

Resistances: Fighting, Water, Grass, Electric and Ground.

Immunity: None

Evolutions: Swadloon evolves from Sewaddle starting at level 20 and into Leavanny when leveled up with high friendship.

Height: 1′ 08″ Weight: 16.1 lbs


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