Pokémon GO fan creates Bulbasaur statue in Brazil for the third official Pokémon GO Community Day

The third Pokémon GO Community Day officially concluded earlier this week across the globe, including in Europe, Africa, Australia and North America. It featured increased spawns of Bulbasaur in the wild, triple catch XP and three-hour Lures. In addition, after evolving your Ivysaur into Venusaur during the third Pokémon GO Community Day hours, your Venusaur learned the exclusive move Frenzy Plant. Introduced as part of the third Pokémon GO Community Day, Shiny Bulbasaur can now be spotted in the wild.

For the third time in a rowTeam Mystic dominated the third official Pokémon GO Community Day by catching the most Pokémon and Bulbasaur per player. Pokémon GO developer Niantic has published multiple pictures taken by fans during the third Pokémon GO Community Day on March 25. You can view all of them by clicking here. A dedicated Pokémon fan in Brazil has created a Bulbasaur statue to coincide with the Community Day starring the iconic Seed Pokémon. You can view more pictures of this unique statue in the embedded gallery below:

Source: Fushigidane フシギ ダネ @BulbaGanda


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