Cottonee, #546 – Cotton Puff Pokémon

When attacked, it escapes by shooting cotton from its body. The cotton serves as a decoy to distract the attacker. Perhaps because they feel more at ease in a group, they stick to others they find. They end up looking like a cloud.


Category: Cotton Puff

Ability: Prankster, which gives priority to a status move. Or Infiltrator, which passes through the opposing Pokemon’s barrier and strikes.

Hidden Ability: Chlorophyll, which boosts the Pokemon’s Speed stat in sunshine.

Weaknesses: Fire, Flying, IcePoison and Steel

Resistances: Fighting, Water, Grass, ElectricGround and Dark

Immunity: Dragon

Evolutions: Cottonee evolves into Whimsicott when exposed to a Sun Stone.

Height: 1′ 00″ Weight: 1.3 lbs


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