Why Pikachu loves coffee and sounds like an old man in Detective Pikachu

Certain Pikachu love coffee almost more than anything else in the world. This little known tidbit was confirmed via the Detective Pikachu game, in which the titular character can be spotted drinking coffee on numerous occasions. In a recent Famitsu interview, game director Naoki Miyashita explained what that is the case: “If you’re talking about a sleuth, then typically you imagine there is a pipe as part of the standard character toolkit, but as one would expect, in its place we dialed that down to coffee. However, it [coffee] is slightly grown-up and brings out a certain coolness.”

Producer Hiroyuki Jinnai also explained why Detective Pikachu has the voice of an old man, as opposed to Ikue Otani’s iconic Pikachu voice. “That’s why, as this is an adventure game, we wanted to bring out the type of mood in a hard-boiled detective story.”

Source: Kotaku.com


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