New Pokémon GO EX Raid Battle invitations for the Legendary Mewtwo now being sent out for May 14 and 15

The first Legendary Pokémon spotted in Pokémon GO EX Raids is none other than the iconic Mewtwo. The Genetic Pokémon doesn’t appear as a regular Raid Boss—instead, you’ll need to be invited to battle it. You won’t need to travel across stormy seas to track it down this time, but you will need to have an EX Raid Pass. You’ll receive one when an EX Raid Battle is set to begin at a Gym where you’ve recently defeated a Raid Boss. A new batch of EX Raid Passes invitations is now being sent out to certain players for Mewtwo EX Raids on May 14 and May 15. To witness a full Mewtwo Legendary EX Raid Battle and successful catch in Pokémon GO, click here.


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