Chandelure, #609 – Luring Pokémon

Being consumed in Chandelure’s flame burns up the spirit, leaving the body behind. The spirits burned up in its ominous flame lose their way and wander this world forever.

Type: Ghost/Fire

Category: Luring

Ability: Flash Fire, which powers up the Pokemon’s Fire-type moves if it’s hit by one. Or Flame Body, where contact with the Pokemon may burn the attacker.

Hidden Ability: Infiltrator, which passes through the opposing Pokemon’s barrier, substitute, and the like and strikes.

WeaknessesGround, Water, Dark, Ghost and Rock

Resistances: Grass, BugPoison, Ice, Steel, Fire and Fairy

ImmunityNormal and Fighting

Evolutions: Chandelure evolves from Lampent when exposed to a Dusk Stone. Chandelure is the final form of Litwick.

Height: 3′ 03″ Weight: 75.6 lbs


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