Durant, #632 – Iron Ant Pokémon

Individuals each play different roles in driving Heatmor, their natural predator, away from their colony. They attack in groups, covering themselves in steel armor to protect themselves from Heatmor.

Type: Bug/Steel

Category: Iron Ant

Ability: Swarm, which powers up Bug-type moves when the Pokemon is in trouble. Or Hustle, which boosts the Attack stat but lowers accuracy.

Hidden Ability: Truant, where the Pokemon can’t use a move the following turn if it uses one.

Weaknesses: Fire

ResistancesBugGrass, Normal, Steel, Psychic, Dragon, Ice and Fairy

Immunity: Poison

Evolutions: Durant does not evolve into or from any other Pokemon.

Height: 1′ 00″ Weight: 72.8 lbs


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