New book called Pokémon: History and Evolution of a Phenomenon announced for Spain

Pokémon and Nintendo fans in Spain can look forward to a brand-new book, titled Pokémon: History and Evolution of a Phenomenon. The official announcement for this upcoming product is as follows:

With twenty-two years of history and more than three hundred million units sold globally, the Pokémon saga has been established as one of the most important not only in the world of video games but also other entertainment media.

The Pokémon phenomenon is fundamental to understanding a large part of the videogame industry. The second best-selling saga in the history of this medium serves as a pillar to understand the language established among millions of people who, for some reason, establish a non-verbal bond that everyone understands in their own way.

More than 300 million units sold worldwide, 23,600 million letters distributed and the ability to absorb audiences of all ages have found that the construction of that idea is far from having said its last word.

His idiosyncrasy and philosophy have been key to this phenomenon has become a universal language.

Pokémon: history and evolution of a phenomenon of Sergio González invites the reader to know the construction of the license from its origins; understand that language knowing those who have made it possible with data, anecdotes, curiosities and the growth experienced in all generations to date including their other cultural derivatives.


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