Official recap for Day 2 of the 2018 Pokémon North America International Championships in Columbus, Ohio

Day 2 Done in Columbus. The stage is set for a huge final day at the 2018 North America International Championships.

A wild second day of the 2018 North America International Championships is in the books, and now we’re in the home stretch to find out who will be the next Pokémon TCG and video game champions. The day saw a full slate of action in Columbus with not only every division competing, but the Pokkén Tournament Worlds Qualifier, as well. And with most of the Championship Points determined, we now have a better picture of who will be competing next month in Nashville at the Pokémon World Championships.

Remember that all Pokémon TCG and video game final matches will be shown live on Sunday on starting at 11 a.m. EDT. See the tournament schedule for details. Matches will run consecutively without break, so tune in to see who will be the next Champions!

Pokémon TCG Wrap

It was a long day for the Pokémon TCG Masters and Senior Divisions. Day 2 Swiss rounds concluded, followed by the quarterfinal and semifinal matches. The Masters Division top cut was truly an international affair, with five different countries represented in the top eight. In the end, it’s Tord Reklev of Norway and Stephane Ivanoff of France who will compete for the Masters Division championship title on Sunday.

In the Senior Division, North and South Americans filled the top cut, with three Americans, three Canadians, and two Brazilians making it into the single elimination rounds. Tomorrow we’ll see whether Jackson Ford of Canada or Isaiah Bradner of the United States will become the next Senior Division Champion when they face off in the finals.

The Pokémon TCG Junior Division began play today and completed their Swiss round action. The top eight players will start their single elimination matches early tomorrow morning to determine who will play in the finals later in the day.

Here are the matchups for the Pokémon TCG Junior Division quarterfinals:

  • Sönke Ringel (Germany) vs. Kevin Sun (United States)
  • Benny Billinger (Canada) vs. Paulo Magalhãles (Brazil)
  • Jacob Harfe (United States) vs. Ethan Del Rosario (United States)
  • Daniel Rosas (United States) vs. Kaya Lichtleitner (Germany)

Be sure to visit after the event is over to see the decks for every player in the top cut in each division!

Pokémon VGC Wrap

The Pokémon Video Game Masters Division finalists are also set after a marathon day of competition. Tomorrow we’ll see Jeremy Rodrigues and Justin Burns, both from the United States, square off to see who will be the next Pokémon North America International Champion. The Masters division VGC finals is always one of the highlights of the competition, so don’t miss it on

Meanwhile, we’re down to the top cut in the Pokémon Video Game Senior and Junior Divisions. The top eight players in those divisions will complete their quarterfinal and semifinal matches Sunday morning before battling in the finals.

Here are the matchups for the Pokémon VGC Senior Division quarterfinals:

  • Cedric DeRouchie (United States) vs. Ethan French (Great Britain)
  • Quentin Colón (United States) vs. Alfredo Chang-Gonzalez (Australia)
  • Juan Salerno (Argentina) vs. Enzo Reci (United States)
  • Abel Goodwin (United States) vs. James Evans (United States)

Here are the matchups for the Pokémon VGC Junior Division quarterfinals:

  • Bilel Lakehal (France) vs. Jonathan Kasmir (United States)
  • Connor Yuen (Singapore) vs. Anand George (United States)
  • Justin Miranda-Radbord (Canada) vs. Joshua Kasmir (United States)
  • Kenneth Fung (Canada) vs. Haley Repas (United States)

Visit after the finals are over to see the team lists for every top cut player in each division!

Pokkén Tournament Worlds Qualifier

The Pokkén Tournament Worlds Qualifier was incredibly exciting, with fans loudly cheering on their favorite players over the course of the day. More than 100 competitors went toe-to-toe in Pokkén Tournament DXfor great prizes and some of the last qualifying spots at the Pokkén Tournament World Championships in Nashville next month.

The Senior Division completed their entire competition today, with the top two players earning an invitation to the Championships. In the final match, Ashninja1 beat TheJrJam to earn top honors here in Columbus. Good luck to both in Nashville next month.

The Masters Division will finish play on Sunday, with the top four competitors all advancing to the Pokkén Tournament World Championships. Here are the players who remain in the upper division:

  • Mewtater
  • InC Rokso
  • ThanksAlot
  • Toasty
  • Shadowcat
  • WhiteChocolate
  • Oreo

Congratulations to everyone who gave it their all here in Columbus. Get ready for an action-packed last day at the North America International Championships, featuring finals matches in every age division. Pokkén tournament coverage begins Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. EDT and TCG and VGC coverage begins at 11 a.m. EDT on

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