Squirtle’s Pokémon GO Community Day concludes globally except in Japan

As part of its extensive Pokémon GO Summer Tour 2018Niantic has confirmed that the seventh Pokémon GO Community Day has concluded in various territories across the globe. The latest in-game event featured increased spawns of Squirtle, quarter Egg hatch distance, three-hour Lures and the new exclusive move Hydro Cannon for Blastoise. Shiny Squirtle, Shiny Wartortle and Shiny Blastoise have also made their Pokémon GO debuts. In addition, you had a chance to encounter Squirtle sporting sunglasses if you completed Field Research tasks during Community Day hours. Wartortle and Blastoise will retain their sunglasses if you evolve the special Squirtle. The sunglasses-wearing counterparts of all three can also be Shiny. Check below to find out the event hours in your region of the world.

Niantic has postponed this particular Community Day in Japan due to extreme weather conditions. A new date has yet to be announced, but stay tuned for any updates. The developer has also released new Aviator Sunglasses in the in-game shop. Niantic recently unveiled a set of new tutorial videos on friends, gifting and trading to help fans get ready for Community Day. The developer wants to see your Pokémon GO Community Day photos, so be sure to share them via social media:

Source: @PokemonGoApp


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