Video: Watch episode 1 of Niantic’s Pokémon GO Travel Research Tour featuring Trainer Tips, Mystic7, PkmnMasterHolly, Reversal and more

Pokémon GO developer Niantic has kicked off Pokémon GO Travel 2018. New special Research is being included this time around, including content that is sure to excite the millions of fans across the globe. You can check out the first episode of Pokémon GO Travel below, featuring a number of recognizable Pokémon GO YouTubers:

Pokémon GO Travel: Research Tour—Meet the Team! (Ep. 1)

Pokémon GO Travel is back! Join us on the Research Tour and get to know PkmnMasterHolly (Holly), Mystic7 (Brandon), Reversal (Gio), Spieletrend (Daniel), Trainer Tips (Nick), and GameWithYamada (Yamada) as they visit the Pokémon GO Safari Zone and the surrounding city of Dortmund, Germany, and catch the Shiny forms of some Pokémon throughout the weekend.

Source: @PokemonGoApp


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