New Shiny Pokémon Shiny Snubbull and Shiny Granbull now available in Pokémon GO for the first time

A brand-new set of Field Research tasks is now available in Pokémon GO. All-new Field Research tasks focusing on several Electric-type Pokémonhave officially begun appearing across the globe for players of the immensely-popular mobile game. Players have a chance to add various Electric types to their team. Developer Niantic has also confirmed that the Legendary Raikou will be unlocked after attaining the Research Breakthrough for this month. The Spot Panda Pokémon, Spinda, has also made its Pokémon GO debut. Players will unlock one of eight different Spinda patterns as a Reward Encounter by completing the Land 3 Curveballs task. Shiny Houndour can now be found and caught in the wild for the first time. Naturally, Shiny Houndour evolves into Shiny Houndoom. Shiny Snubbull and Shiny Granbull have also been added to the game.


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