Video: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate analysis of sub menus and Classic mode breakdown

During the first-ever Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct, Nintendo gave fans a first look at the main menu and dashboard in the upcoming fighting game. It displays five different options, including Smash, Games & More, Vault and Online. The fifth option is a mystery that Nintendo isn’t revealing just yet, but many are speculating that it will be a new adventure mode. For a through analysis of sub menus and Classic mode breakdown, check out the embedded video below. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is set to launch on December 7 for Nintendo Switch.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ANALYSIS – Sub Menus & Classic Mode Breakdown (Secrets & Hidden Details)

It wasn’t just the main menu shown off during the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct! There were plenty of sub-menus revealed as well! We take a closer look at the Rulesets, Settings, Music, and even the new Classic Mode. All this and more in our latest Smash Bros. analysis!


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