Video: Identifying all 183 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate songs revealed so far

Set to launch on December 7 for Nintendo Switch, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will include every single fighter ever featured in the series’ nearly two-decade run, making it one of the biggest crossover events in gaming history. It is bound to feature one of the most impressive collections of music ever in a single game, with more than 900 music tracks and 28 hours of music. The folks at GameXplain have put together a recording to identify all 183 songs revealed so far, as shown in the embedded video below:

Identifying ALL 183 Smash Bros. Ultimate Songs Revealed So Far!

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct revealed that there would be nearly 900 music tracks!…but how many songs have been revealed so far? And how many are from past games or are brand new? We poured through every character trailer, direct feed gameplay, and the Direct itself to find them all…at least so far! Check out this massive compilation of the 183 different songs from series such as Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, and more that we’ve discovered are coming to Smash along with a short sample of the music!


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